Termite Treatments

Affordable St. Charles Termite Treatments

Types of Termite Treatments


Liquid Soil Termite Treatment/Monitoring System

Applying a liquid termite treatment to the soil around the perimeter of your home, to form non –repellant barrier against termites. Drilling porches, rear patios, garage inner walls can be performed to protect conducive areas that would likely be where termites could enter your home. Termites forage for food, so using their natural habit they will either run into the material in soil, or feed on the exterior termite monitors. Termite monitors are placed outside that treated zone to help detect activity before they find your home. Don’t wait call to schedule a free inspection/estimate.

Wood Termite Treatment

Materials can be applied directly to floor Joists, sill plates, band boards to control additional feeding measures.

Preventative Termite Solutions

Preventing termites from feeding your home is the best approach! Installing termite monitors in conducive areas can help us reduce the chances of termites of going undetected. A Ketchum Pest Control technician will identify those area and will monitor areas. Action will be taken to keep those wood destroying insects from causing you thousand in repairs. Please contact us for details!