Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets in St. Charles


Yellow jackets are black and yellow bands on them. They build a paper nest inside wall voids, in ground and pack a punch if they are threatened. f you are one that have an allergic reaction to bee stings. Vibrations from lawn equipment, digging in yard or sometimes stepping close the nest is enough to set off a frenzy. Avoid being close to them and call a professional to remove them. If you notice bee activity flying in or out of cracks or in the ground there’s a chance that you have a nest forming.



Call us for a free estimate for Yellow Jackets. They will guard those nest all the way til November, later in the season to more agitated they get. Allergic reaction can be extremely dangerous and can cause severe pain and even death.  Have an experienced St. Charles Pest Control company like Ketchum Pest & Termite Solutions to remove these wasps from your home or business.