House Cricket

Identifying a House Cricket in St. Charles


House crickets are usually a yellowish brown color with 3 dark cross bands on their head.  They have wings, an antenna and six legs.  They are known for their loud chirping which occurs when they rub their front wings together to attract females.  These crickets are also used as food for other pets and bait for fish.


House crickets typically live outdoors during warm weather.  They feed on plants and other insects dead or alive, including other crickets.  When cold weather starts to move in, they will seek shelter in sheds and houses.  Indoors they can eat fabrics like clothing or carpet, leaving the area roughened from pulling the fibers loose while eating.  These crickets are more active at night. Generally they cause no harm but are more of a nuisance because of their loud high pitch chirping noise.


Reducing the areas of moisture in and around your home is one of the most effective ways to get rid of crickets.  Seal all points of entry, including window and door frames.  They are also attracted to light so changing your outdoor lighting to the yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights will help.  Glue boards or sticky traps placed around entry points may also be helpful.  Only when a large infestation is present, chemicals are used to control them.  Ketchum Pest & Termite will do a free inspection to evaluate the infestation and recommend treatment.