Free Termite Inspection from St. Charles Pest Control Exterminators

When a person notices damage in their basement or to their deck, they may wonder if termites are to blame. Other common problems can include water damage and structural issues.  The homeowner may not want to undergo a termite treatment if they aren’t sure that’s actually the problem. With a free inspection from a St. Charles Pest Control Exterminator, the problem with your home can be diagnosed and corrected. You can keep your home looking beautiful while preventing further damage from termites.

Termite Repairs from a St. Charles Pest Control

At Ketchum Pest & Termite Solutions we can not only exterminate your termites, we can actually perform certain repairs to your home. Your St. Charles Pest Control can discuss details if they observe termite damage to your home. This way, you can be sure your damages are being repaired by a qualified professional. We also offer a warranty of up to $100,000 for termite work done your home. Again, your inspector can discuss these details with you in full.

During your inspection, we will indicate any termite damage we have found and provide tips on how we can remove them. We also offer an estimate in writing so you can be sure there are no surprises or any bait-and-switch tactics when we begin work. After each treatment, we will provide a report of any termite damage that we have observed. We can them provide tips on keeping your home termite free and explain how we may be able to potentially remove some or all of these termites.

St. Charles Pest Control works with homeowners to find cost-effective solutions for termite problems. By taking advantage of our free termite inspection, a homeowner can be sure they are protecting their most important asset – their home. To schedule a free inspection with a St. Charles Pest Control, contact us right away.

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