St Charles Pest Control- Carpenter Bees- Deck Infestation

Carpenter Bees Can be Terrifying and Cause Damage To My Deck!

Spring is right around the corner. As temperatures rise a home owner will want to be out on their deck enjoying the sun. Unfortunately, this is also the time when insects begin to show up, like carpenter bees. These bees are not afraid of humans and will cause great concern for children and adults alike. Not only do the cause concern for your family, they can cost you money in expensive repairs to your deck or home as well. Carpenter bees are a destructive nuisance to deck owners. Since these bees make their home inside wood, they can significantly damage a deck and cause expensive repairs. By working with a pest control company, you can keep your deck as free as possible from these insects, allowing you to enjoy your deck without costly repairs.

Carpenter bees are especially attracted to unfinished decks. If your deck is untreated or has not been painted or stained in several years, adding a fresh coat of stain or resealing can make the wood much less attractive to these insects. The combination of stain & treatment could prevent carpenter bees from using your deck as a home which could make your deck last much longer than untreated wood.

In the fall, when there is less bee activity, use caulk to fill in the holes on the deck. Bees will often reuse holes, so sealing them up can cause bees to look for a new location. A homeowner should also seal up cracks or any openings in the surface that could attract carpenter bees.

There are also treatments that can be applied to a deck to keep carpenter bees away. A pest control company can examine your deck, home, or open space to determine the right treatment for the job. If you notice that you have carpenter bee activity already in the wood of your deck, a pest control company can remove these bees before applying a particular treatment. This way, when you go to seal the holes, you can be sure that the bees will stay away and look for another piece of wood to call home.

St Charles Pest Control have helped many homeowners deal with unwanted carpenter bees. A simple treatment can potentially save a homeowner thousands on deck repairs. During our free inspection, we can examine your yard and deck to look for signs of carpenter bee activity. If found, we can explain your options. To schedule your free inspection, contact Ketchum Pest & Termite Solutions right away.