Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants in St. Charles, Missouri

St. Charles Ant ExterminatorIdentification:

Carpenter Ants can be black & reddish brown in color, sizes may range from ¼ inch to ¾ inch. The ants can be seen with or without wings.


As carpenter ants bore their nests, they leave behind several piles of sawdust material called “frass”. Activity can be found during the day with minutes between ants trailing. At dust and night they appear in higher numbers so they can’t be detected. Continuous or numerous ants are a better sign of nesting locations. They like almost all insects will seek out moisture issue spots, gutter leak, plumping, roof and windows. Also older trees can house the condos for them. Often you can see frass around the base of trees. If these signs or insects are notice please contact Ketchum Pest & Termite Solutions to place a treatment program that will protect the home.


Carpenter ant control: Treat with insecticide indoors along the baseboards and near carpenter ant activity, and then outside around the foundation of the home. Some cases a drill hole to headers, wall voids is necessary to rid them out of your home. Ketchum Pest Control can create a pest program to protect your home to prevent you from having to hire real carpenter to repair the damage that they have done.