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termitesKetchum Pest & Termite is dedicated to providing you with the most thorough termite protection and termite damage warranty in the St. Charles area.   Termites can cause structural damaged if left untreated.  It is so important to rid your home of termites before irreplaceable damage occurs.  The main problem with termites is their ability to damage many parts of your home at the same time. Termites are responsible for over a billion dollars in damage to homes in the U.S.

Termites can also be difficult to find because they breed in your walls eating your wood to provide shelters for new infestations. Termites live in the ground but feed on your home. Some people will try to identify the insect but are not truly qualified or trained. Removal of all termites once identified is even more difficult for a home owner.

Like all of our services, we first come out to your home to identify if it is termites causing your problem. We will inspect the entire home including the inside walls and floors, basement, garage, attic and the perimeter of the outside of your home. This inspection is FREE to all our customers. Our inspectors will then develop a plan of attack to share with the home owner.  We will even provide our customers written advise with a cost estimate to remove the foundation.

Termite Treatment Includes

  • Free Inspection
  • Written Recommendations and a Free Estimate
  • 360 Degree Targeting Approach For The Entire Home
  • Traps To Surround The Home
  • Spraying All Parts of the Home With Special Termite Pet Friendly Safe Chemicals
  • Return Visits To Check Progress
  • 100% Guarantee of Removal Customer Satisfaction

If you suspect termites, have seen swarms of flying termites or see damage in your wood of your home, you need to call us immediately before more damage occurs. With warmer weather termites begin to leave their home and begin mating. These are the winged flying termites you may see in your yard. Termite swarms can begin in February and can last through June when the entire cycle will begin again.

Your most effective plan to limit the damage to your home is to be PRO ACTIVE!

Call us immediately for your Free inspection!!