Acrobat Ants

Acrobat Ants in Missouri

St. Charles Ant ExterminatorIdentification

Acrobat Ants have 2 segmented pedicel and a pair of spines on their thorax. Acrobat Ants have a heart shaped abdomen that often gets lifted in the air if they are threatened. Contact a St. Charles Ant Exterminator right away. Moisture issues inside wall voids, exterior trim around doors and windows, weep holes is there go to spots. Also if you see debris of wood shavings, Styrofoam in those areas for come mysterious reason. Very common insect that can be misidentified as carpenter ants, always get a 2nd option to evaluate.


Crack & crevice treatment with aerosol products, dust insecticide, are the go to control these insects. Perimeter application to structures foundation. Inspection to wood piles, tree stumps should also be checked and treated. In some cases a 1time service can control the acrobat ants.

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