Carpenter Bees

Identifying Carpenter Bees in Missouri


Carpenter bees are ½ to 1 inch long. Carpenter bees get their name from boring a perfect hole into the wood.


St. Charles Bee Exterminators can help get rid of these galleries and get rid of these bees.Carpenter bees are not a social insect nor do they live in the galleries they make.. They drill a perfect 3/8 inch hole into the wood along the grain of the wood. They will hover over wood areas giving themselves away. In the event that you encounter a large bee hanging around as you are outside sitting on your deck, you can bet that the carpenter has a gallery started or they are scouting out too!


In Missouri this is a wood destroying insect a home that have signs will not pass for real estate sales. The 3/8 hole that they drill will weaken the wood and has to be treated. Because carpenter bees drill a hole in wood to lay their eggs and return year after year, if left untreated they can damage to decks, wooden stairs, roof rafters, fascia boards, wood siding, play-sets, and wooden fences.



Appling a dust product inside the galleries is what we at Ketchum Pest & Termite Solutions have found works for complete control for carpenter bee problems. Also subsurface treating the wood can prevent future activity for the season.

If you face a carpenter bee infestation, or any bee infestation, the experienced St. Charles Bee Exterminators at Ketchum Pest & Termite Solutions can help. To schedule your free inspection, contact us right away 314-686-3444