Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders in Missouri


Wolf spiders can vary in size, ranging in body size from less than 0.4 to 1.38 inches (legs not included).   Typically the females are larger than the males.  They are usually brown, grey black or tan with dark markings, commonly stripes.  They have eight eyes which are arranged in three rows.   The front row has four small eyes, all about the same size, in a straight row.   The middle row has two very large eyes and then there are two more eyes on the top of the head.  They also have bristles on their legs and bodies, similar to the tarantulas, but they are in fact very different. Wolf spiders hunt for their food and have 20/20 vision.  Often structure will see activity after heavy rains driving them inside. Most spiders are nocturnal so the food source doesn’t even see it happening! They prefer places where prey can be found like near plants, windows, humid basements and around doors and garages.  They are quite mobile and very fast.  Babies can be seen being carry on the spider with 25-50 catching a free ride.  Bits from wolf spiders can cause swelling, itch that usually only last a few minutes too few days.



Reducing vegetation, ivy growth away from structure will reduce the chances of wolf spiders calling you house “home”. There are few steps you should take to make your home uninviting to wolf spiders.  You can start by removing any vegetation away from your house.   Sealing cracks & crevices on the outside to prevent them from entering in your home, fix holes in screens and changing the outdoor lights.  There are also many pesticides that can be used to control wolf spiders. Don’t wait contact one of our experienced professionals at Ketchum Pest & Termite Solutions for a free inspection.