Mosquito Control

Enjoy The Outside of Your Home This Summer

Mosquito ControlProfessional St. Charles Mosquito Control Service from Ketchum Pest & Termite Solutions.

Mosquitoes are a more than just summertime nuisance. Mosquitos can carry diseases like the West Nile. Mosquitos can cause rashes and sores that can become infected from constantly scratching. For those who are allergic to mosquitos a bite can cause huge welts or even be life threatening.

The importance of reducing mosquito populations around the outside of your home can make going outside during the summer months so much more enjoyable. By decreasing the population of mosquitos you also lessen the chances of mosquitos entering into your home.

Our Programs include:

  • A Free Inspection with an Estimate for Treatments
  • Once a Month Spraying with a Pet Friendly Environmentally Safe Chemical
  • A 360 Degree Treatment of the front yard, back yard and side yards and house
  • Spraying to Include: shrubbery, flowers, gutters, bushes and even the base of trees
  • Advice  & Consultation of How to Reduce Breeding Grounds For Mosquitos

* Each homeowner should try to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds for these pests. Mosquitos love to breed in standing water. A perfect example are clogged cutters holding water or potted plants holding too much water. By eliminating places around the home where standing water may exist and treating your home with our 360 degree mosquito solution, we can reduce the population.

Enjoy your outside environment again during the summer months, call Ketchum Pest & Termite today at (314) 686-3444 and get started today!