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Termite Infestation

Termite InfestationFighting a Termite Infestation with a St. Peters Termite Control Company

Termites can and will cause major damage to decks, siding, structural members, or many other parts of the home. If you worry that you may have termites, contact a St. Peters Termite Control immediately. This way, you can prevent further damage and get rid of the problem before it becomes too serious.

Signs of Termites from a St. Peters Termite Control Exterminator

Most termite damage usually starts below the surface and goes unseen. One of the first signs a person has is knocking on wood and having it sound hollow. Since termites live within wood, they eat from the inside out. Wood should have a firm, solid sound when tapped. If there is a hollow sound, contact a St. Peters Termite Control Exterminator right away.

Another sign that you may have a problem are swarms of winged termites which sometimes appear in the infested home. If you have winged insects in or around your home, try to trap one in a zip lock bag or take a picture for an exterminator to examine. This is an almost sure sign of an infestation and by showing the insect to a qualified professional, they can find the right treatment to get the home free of these pests.

Ketchum Pest & Termite has experience treating homes for termite infestations and knows how to rid them from a home. With our EPA approved materials, we rid the home of insects while keeping it safe for your pets and for your family. If you have termites or other insect problems, contact the St. Peters Termite Control Exterminator or send us a message at  for a free inspection.

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