House Mouse

Identifying a House Mouse in St. Charles


  • Oversized Ears
  • Black eyes
  • Brownish fur with whitish underbelly


  • Lifespan: 2-24 months
  • Diet: insects, larvae, grains, seeds, almost anything. Known for caching large amounts of seeds to last for winter
  • Sexual Maturity: 2-3 Months
  • Gestation Period: 21 days
  • Young in litter: 2-7
  • Liters per Year: 4-6


Installation of glue boards, snap traps and rodent stations are the common practices to control. Identify the active areas by inspecting the outer walls inside the structure, also in basement under front porch, adjacent walls to garage. Call a St. Charles Pest Control professional for a Free Inspection & Estimate if you think that you are having a rodent issue.