Camel Crickets

Identifying Camel Crickets in Missouri


AKA-Cave crickets and “sprickets”, Spider crickets – have long hind legs and an arched back.  They range in size from 1/4 to 1 ½ inches in length as adults.  Typically they are light tan to dark brown in color and their antennas are longer than their bodies.


Cool and damp environments in the normal nesting areas such as garages and basements.  Camel Crickets don’t make any chirping noises, like most crickets. Firewood and shed structures, under decks anywhere that moisture found.  Unlike most crickets, the camel crickets do not chirp.


Caulking gaps, make sure thresholds around doors touch doors. Plastic tubs & boxes off the ground in basements –garages.   Cluttered areas is very conducive for crickets to hide. Treating with a general pest product will control activity along with insect monitors. Give us a shout if crickets are invading your space. Don’t wait give us a call 314-686-3444